September 27, 2012

Here is another character that I modeled based on my good friend Alex Riegert-Waters' design. I sculpted everything from scratch using Maya and I added detail to the stockings with Mudbox.

Alex's characters are always so atypical from what I'm used to seeing on screen that they present an interesting challenge. I had to balance the character's small beady eyes with his huge nose. In the end I compromised the bridge to be a little smaller than the original design. The size of the nose works beautifully in 2d, but like some many features, in 3d it wasn't translating. Overall I think the character has a lot of appeal from just about any angle so... success! I write this just as I am about to ride my bike on a donut quest through Inglewood.

Production Stills

The Making Of


As I was building the face I came across a happy accident when the chin started to make the character look more like an old man. I embraced the new character, but mid-way through construction I realized that the point of modeling a character from another artist's vision is to hit that target as closely as possible. While I did think the older man version was appealing, I steered back towards Alex's concept and I think it turned out just as nice.

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