June 7, 2012

I modeled this character from a design by Denis Zilber. He is one of the most talented illustrators I've come across and my personal favorite. A lot of people can draw really well, but Denis' characters have an attitude that is more often captured by the nuanced detail of photography. Their expressions tell a story and Denis' mastery of light makes their form so descriptive that translating them to 3D is delightful.

You can check out his work in three places on the web. The content on each site is slightly different, so dedicate an afternoon to being in awe. Go to his art blog, which is presently set to my homepage, or his website, or his Behance. All are amazing.

Production Stills

The Making Of


I'm getting into recording my screen once a second during the life of a project. Every decision looks so obvious running a maze backwards. The software I use is called Screenflick. It's $30 and I think it works well. The only thing I wish it could do is use my Quicktime Pro export settings to convert their proprietary video file. Screenflick lets you export a Quicktime movie, but the options aren't as detailed as Quicktime Pro is, so I end up adding a step. But it does capture high quality and I've never noticed it hogging any computer power, so I like it.

Anyway, watch the making of and think it's cool.

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