3D Print of The Sentinel concept by Helene Leroux

Sentinel 3D Print
May 19, 2017

A while back, my friends Adam and Nate were directing a short called The Sentinel and I was in charge of modeling the environments and bits of the rock golem. It was a really fun project and two years later, would happen to be a perfect thing to make with my Form2.

The Form2's print volume is too small for the entire figure to be printed at once so I had to break it into separate pieces. It can be difficult to imagine how big the final piece will be, so I like to use photoshop to scale a render to the exact size of the piece on my screen. This guy was 25cm tall so my 5k iMac finally made good use of its display. Then with my brightness all the way up, I carefully trace the figure on a piece of paper so I can have a 1:1 scale drawing for reference. Using that, I broke the figure into five pieces. Some smaller pieces were printed in the same run, but the base had to be printed by itself and it took over 2 days! Happy the power didn't go out! All together it took over 100 hours. After the prints were all cleaned and ready for a spray coat of primer, I glued everything together using a 2 part epoxy.

The character in the short has a magnetic energy that binds all of the rocks of his body together so it was challenging to make a real figurine look like it had floating rocks around it. The way I did that was to just print those parts in clear resin and tape off the stems when painting. I really like the look and am super happy with the way everything turned out.

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