ZBrush Lunch Crunching Designs by S.T.E.A.K Kollective

S.T.E.A.K Kingdom
June 30, 2015

I've loved all the work by the French folks at S.T.E.A.K ever since I saw Salesman Pete and thought, "These dudes are as old as I am... why am I learning animation at an engineering school?"

Their work is actually what taught me 3D and where it could go. I remember frame by frame studying Vincent E. Sousa's rigging showreel and I think I have every frame of Meet Buck memorized. :) Anyways, enough praise. I finally got around to sculpting some of their brilliant character designs. Everything was made from primitives in ZBrush. Enjoy!

Sweet Sweet Character Design by S.T.E.A.K Kollective

A Silly GIF

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