January 17, 2014

This little robot is by design duo Michael & Cyprian Chomicki / the artists behind Studio Qube. I hadn't modeled something mechanical so I gave it a shot. I wanted to stay true to the design, but I also wanted to animate a walk cycle (which might happen... never). Creative liberty and way too much time contemplating the physics of this little guy's gait, lent me to change the design a little bit.

Fortunately I like them both!

Production Stills



If you did want to see my process, I made nice workflow videos for Magician and Shark in my library. The key to making a great model is finding the planes. Deciding where they extend and how they fall off makes for a great model.

Also remember that for the first few hours, what you’re working on is going to be complete garbage. I get really self-conscious at work when I start something new. But it happens, to everyone, just have confidence that once you start placing a foundation down, the final model will be solid.

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