Mr. Eel
October 5, 2013

Mr. Eel, the suitable name given to this character designed by Paul Mager. Flipping through art blogs on the internet as I usually do, this stopped me. I love a lot of art that belongs to France and the story behind this character made him irresistible to model.

Production Stills

I used ZBrush to paint textures and the lighting and shading was all with Mental Ray.

Initial Occlusion Pass


Occlusion Stills

I used ZBrush to displace the lettering on each jug. It took a lot longer to render, but initial passes of the glass were really plain to look at so the added unevenness made it way more interesting.

Initial Work In Progress

I labored over how to arrange the legs and then how the jugs affected his balance and then how his balance should be emphasized by more jugs, it could have been a never ending loop until I found it. The above is a WIP from when I didn't have it. Thanks to my friend Miguel for giving me notes and helping me make the model better.

Lower Half Refinements

What you see above is the summation of lots of love given to the project for the last two months. Bits and pieces were modeled around time spent at actual work. It took a long time, but I was the art director so I had the benefit of time to noodle every vertex into space the way I wanted it. Now that the big shapes are working, all that is left is a week on a healthy ZBrush pass and then lighting and texturing. FYI this too was "rendered" as a playblast with Viewport 2.0.

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