Concept by Melissa van der Paardt

September 9, 2013

Look at how cah-yute! This little guy is a model based on the design talents of Melissa van der Paardt. You can also view more work at her tumblr. If the earth turned slower I would model everything she designs because it is just so appealing.

Default Pose

A challenge was to find the right amount of density to hit the shapes. I wanted to get as much out of every vertex as possible, not for animation or rendering's sake, but so that the character would stay true to it's simplicity while also being complex. Does that make sense? I just wanted it to be real real good.

Everything was made in Maya and for the renders I did some experimenting with Viewport 2.0. The two turntables are actually just playblasts that took 2 minutes to make and didn't require any compositing. There is still a little bit of aliasing, but compared to a 15 hour render, I'll take it. Until I put together my fancy-schmancy renderfarm, I may learn more about viewport rendering.

Production Stills

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